Texas & Oklhoma Wedding Photography & Super 8 mm Videography

We’re patiently waiting for the Super 8 footage of this wedding to be delivered today so that we can relieve this amazing wedding weekend again and begin the process of editing their Super 8 wedding video. But in the meantime, I wanted to share their Holga photography I shot during their wedding. In addition to shooting Super 8 film, I was secretly and quietly snapping away on a roll of black and white over the course of the weekend, inspired so much by the stunning beauty of the Northeastern Oklahoma land–the lakes and greenery–and the warmth and comfort of being surrounded by such an incredible tight-knit community. I can’t wait to see their Super 8 film and write more about this lovely couple soon…

Oklahoma Wedding Style Me Pretty Inspired


Oklahoma Wedding Holga Photography B&W


Oklahoma Wedding Inspiration


Oklahoma Wedding Ceremony Style Me Pretty Inspired


Lake Eucha Oklahoma Wedding Art Photography Videography


From the bride: ” .. just so touching and pretty! It’s like all of you just stepped into our little world and took all the awesome pictures that we have always tried to capture, but have failed. We love this place so much, it is just a dream to see it in such beautiful photos.”

See the beautiful Polaroid photos from this amazing wedding at photographer Heather Curiel’s blog.


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